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Recently, more than 90 % of patients bring CD and DVD containing image materials from various examinations upon transferring to another hospital. Due to this, it is very complicated to enter the images before the treatment time in terms of time and circulation. IB7000 is the kiosk terminal designed for built- in program in which image materials can be entered easily according to the voice instructions.

This is the kiosk terminal made of 1.6T steel with a luxurious design. IB7000 boasts that built- in PC of slim type and a metal cabinet enclosure and is a further improved product to provide selections of diverse additional equipments.

Valuable patients’ materials can be stored and managed without any loss by entering accurate image materials once receiving the patient’s information through linkage with hospital information system. It can be operated easily according to voice instructions and both space and place to store the CDs are not required in the hospital.
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