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Data belt for the Capsule Endoscope
Endoscope is the device to collect the medical information from inside the body. General endoscope is installed at the tip of the communication cable and put in through the subject’s neck and receives the signals from endoscope through communication cable. However, since the way to receive the signals from endoscope through the communication cable gives the pain to the patients in the course of putting in the endoscope, the examination can be carried out with administration of sleeping pills to subjects depending on choice of subjects.

Therefore, in recent years, capsule endoscope is used with the way to put in the endoscope conveniently into the subject. Human body communication device using the existing capsule endoscope is used once each receiving electrode is installed on the surface of human body. Therefore, there are some problems of which multiple receiving electrodes are not easy to be installed and signal voltage is not detected property due to the poor connection of receiving electrode.

This data belt is designed to install multiple receiving electrodes conveniently and firmly maintain the status of connection between subjects and multiple receiving electrodes by improving this inconvenience. Therefore, receiving voltage can be detected evenly.
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